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Bill is a guitarist, pianist/synth, and vocalist for 7 Bridges Road. He first became interested in music when he was six years old. "Fire and Rain" by James Taylor was playing on the home stereo, he walked right over to the piano, and figured out how to play it! His mom found him a piano teacher and he took lessons from the age of seven until he was 12.


He has played with several different groups in the past, although always playing with the same drummer-Steve Merrill. Bill started the band "Intruder" at Granby High School and played a few benefits. Next up was "Silverdawn," a studio-only project where writing and recording original music was the focus. In Silverdawn, Bill played keyboards and bass guitar. During live practices, he played left-hand bass on a keyboard set to sound as close to a real bass guitar as possible. His next project "Reckless Care" including Merrill, the Thornton Brothers from South Hadley, Mike & Pete. Bill played keys and bass guitar for the band. Reckless Care played covers and original songs at clubs throughout Western MA in the late 80's and early 90's. Their last performance was at the 1991 Granby Charter Days.


Fast-forward through 20 years of "getting away from it all," Bill met Michael and Moose at Johnny's Tap Room in South Hadley and here we are today!



Washburn acoustic

Fender strat

Korg Kross 88

Ibanez SR505 bass guitar

Yamaha DGX-520

Korg Poly-six (in desperate need of repair, HELP!)

Vox amp AC15

Peavey KB300

Beringer amp


livewire cords

Shure mic


Pictures Courtesy of Mike Connelly
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