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Moose is the lead singer and front man for 7 Bridges Road. Is that extraordinary? When you consider that he was headed for an NFL career, yes, it kind of is!


After a knee injury ended his football career prematurely, he auditioned for and won the lead singer slot in Rick Knightly’s SOUL KINGS. Looking to head his own project, and utilizing friends who played instruments, Moose started HARD TO HANDLE in 1999. The band had a changing roster of players, but Moose was looking to solidify the lineup. He decided to take his love for music to the next level; after meeting Michael Stutz at a mutual friend’s party/jam session, the pair formed the band that would eventually morph into Moose and the High Tops and also produce 7 Bridges Road. Moose also sings lead vocals in Alive She Cried, a tribute to The Doors.

Pictures Courtesy of Mike Connelly
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